Australian Jobs Report – Job Statistics, Shortages and Prospects



The Australian Jobs Report 2021 was released by the National Skills Commission late last year, but so much of these data still holds true. The inner careers-nerd in me loves a good careers release especially when it contains the most up to date data – that is well researched. Here are some career highlights on the job landscape based on the following subjects that are relevant to all of us:


I like their graphical illustrations such as this one for Jobs by Occupation to see what is in and what is out:



One of the more depressing figures from the report is seeing how badly affected, or hard hit the youth statistic (15-24 year olds) has been affected by Covid-19 and unemployment. Therefore it is critical that all young people, leave school with a plan. It doesn’t have to be the best plan, but a tangible plan that builds on skills. The most at-risk group are the students who leave school without any future skill building plans, be it at TAFE, College, University of Apprenticeships.


How do we ensure we covid-safe our students for the future. Lots of things will help, but a great insurance policy against unemployment is to secure work, while studying, and even better if this work, relates to studies or industry of interest. Universities are very aware of this and as a result create as many work opportunities as possible, so their graduates leave Uni/TAFE with the relevant work skills required. Employers are willing to take on students without experience as long as they can see they have the potential:







So how to secure work in a changing world, with changing requirements and ever-increasing competition? Here are some suggestions:


For more information on this report and more statistics and data you can find them here.