Claire Pech

I am a Careers Advisor and Educator who has worked in the education sector for over 20 years.

I was educated in Dublin and London, and studied Social Sciences at University of Liverpool in the UK. I hold a Postgraduate Certificate in Education from University of Swansea, a Graduate Certificate in Careers Education and Development and a Graduate Diploma in Careers Education and Development, both from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT). As an advocate of lifelong learning, I am currently studying a course with Kings College, London on current research and practice associated with the effects of ADHD and enjoy writing on this subject matter and its connections to Careers (here). I have also presented for the ADHD Foundation during their speaker series on Career Planning in the Senior Years. You can access this webinar here (using password 03eLy.rL). I have also presented for ADHD Support Australia, and you can access a clip of that talk here. I also consult for Careers NSW and Real Futures and am currently a member of the UTS Careers Advisors Working Group.

I have worked as a Classroom Teacher, a HSC Marker for NESA, a Head of House, a Tutor, an Academic Mentor, a facilitator on the Masters of Teaching Program at Sydney University, and a Careers Advisor.

I have worked in a range of independent and public secondary schools both here and abroad. I draw on my extensive experience with students of diverse backgrounds, to provide comprehensive advice, tailored to the needs and interests of the individual. My specialist area is within the 15-25 year old group: navigating subject selections, exploring tertiary options and providing specialist support for those embarking on their careers journey. As part of my studies, I also researched career-changers, maternity-returners and female participation in the workforce, and consult helping adults to align their skills and interests with careers, particularly if they are navigating a career change.

Areas that I  specialise in include:

  • Subject selection and post-school alignment
  • Course navigation and Institution choice
  • University, Early Offer and Scholarship Applications
  • Career Changing – where to start
  • Resume guidance and tailoring for job applications
  • Interview technique, planning and preparation

I also have substantial personal and professional experience with children and adults who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and I have a passion in helping them navigate their futures. I can support others by creating plans, designing schedules, and assisting in applications and administration with this.

Claire Pech Careers is a service for anyone at the threshold of making decisions within their career. My passion is helping others to navigate this exciting, yet often daunting time in their lives.

My hallmark traits are my approachability, my clear way of explaining and organising plans, as well as my in-depth, tertiary-landscape knowledge. My goal is to get others on a path with a plan for the future.

I am an accredited teacher with the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA). I am registered with the Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA) as a Professional Career Development Practitioner  and adhere to their professional standards. I am a registered Career Avenues Assessor and professional member of the Careers Advisors Association of NSW (CAA).  I currently work in an independent school in Sydney, and consult for private clients, and Real Futures. with Careers NSW.