Getting a Part Time Job

We are now in-between the HSC and results. It’s a strange time for many Year 12’s. Some are waiting, others are relieved and some are worried. Some have had interviews which have been fascinating to track and to see how they have grown through the process.

Most are looking for part time and full-time temporary work, so I thought it may be helpful to jot down some tips on how to secure work. Don’t forget the whole of the Year 12 cohort (in Sydney) is also currently doing the same, and so employers are being inundated with resume’s and drop ins.

How can you be different? How can you stand out?


  • Timing is important. You may be popping into a shop, when someone has just been fired or just quit, and this can be the break you need!


  • Connection is even more important! Try and ask for the manager, be friendly, be polite, show your good side and engage!


  • Tell them what you can do on the spot – a resume, at this stage is only a follow up. Tell them you are keen, available, around the corner, a hard worker, great with people and so on – you want to see your skills to this employer.


  • Have tenacity. Looking for work can be soul destroying, so you need to be ready for lots of rejections and “thanks, we may call you”, and this is all part of the process!


  • If you are fussy, you may have to wait longer. I recently heard a student saying they were only looking for work in retail sports shops and that may mean they will be waiting much longer if sports shops are not hiring.


  • Go back again and again. Call back, pop in again, be prepared to hassle them (politely!). If you feel you made a good connection and they sounded promising, follow it up quickly and remind them who you are. Don’t rely on them to follow you up.