Year 10 – Subject Selections


Year 10 subject selections can be tricky especially when a student does not know how to map this to future interests – a very common situation. You would be surprised how quickly 6 subjects (12 units) are put together once the initial conversation takes place. Even with students who feel they don’t know which way to begin this process. Once you factor in subject availability at a school, interest levels and ability levels, it can be a relatively quick process.

Here are some links that may help with the process:


  1. University Entry Requirements for Year 10 Students can be downloaded from UAC here . This booklet gives all of the information that Year 10 need to choose their senior subjects towards entering into uni for 2024 and beyond.


  1. The leaflet: “Top 10 Tips for Choosing HSC Courses” will also help with subject selection:. This is a great graphic below that will help students, especially on myth busting some common misconceptions.



  1. Bullseye Posters showcasing the many jobs that can come from a love/interest in HSC subject areas (this eg Art), can be incredibly helpful just to give ideas and start some conversations about these interests.




And if I can reiterate the very strong message that is to, choose subjects based on the following 3 things:- Choose subjects that you:


  • like
  • are interested in and/or
  • are good at.


Please do NOT choose subjects based on:-

  • the teacher or
  • the scaling you have heard about
  • what your friends are choosing
  • what you think sounds easy/hard to get good marks in.

Also consider things like the work load and the major works in subjects such as Extension II English (Produced Work), or Visual Art (Major Art Work), or Society and Culture (Personal Interest Project). Another consideration is whether your school does any VET (Vocational Educational Training) subjects, such as Hospitality or Construction as this will also change how you study and include work placements. These are all considerations to discuss with your Careers Advisor.

If you stick with this in the back of your mind, you cannot go wrong. And also remember that this does not set you up for life, or decide on your career, it simply fills in another piece of the puzzle amongst the many, many pieces to come.